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 Miraculous Musical Martial Arts (3MA)

 “A workout you will remember and thoroughly enjoy”



What does Spirit have to do with getting in shape?

  • All life is governed by spirit.

  • Spiritual qualities can be accessed and manifested on a cellular level which the body then reflects.

  • Awareness of your expanded self occurs when you work out. 

  • Remember the Truth of your being.

  • See the body as it really is and perceive it's purpose.

  • Release repressed emotions, stress and tension from your life experience.

  • Be an extremely powerful conduit for Love's Expression!


Why Music and MMA (Mixed Martial Arts Together) ?

  • Focus ~ Intention ~ Power of the Mind

  • The Human Mind more easily grasps and retains technical and mechanical information if repeated to a consistent rhythmn.

  • People tend to lose weight steadily and maintain higher metabolic rates for longer periods of time if during an exercise program, constant motion is achieved.

  •  MMA is presently the most prominent self defense technique available.

  • Music inspires people to work harder and for longer periods of time without the need to stop.

  • FUN! FUN! FUN! There will be lots of it and it’s easy to get in exquisite shape if you enjoy working out!


Why is the Body Important?

  • When we look good, we feel good.
  • Feel confident in how your body temple appears.
  • Look the way you want and communicate vitality, vibrance, health and wholeness.
  • When we harness Qi or life force energy through physical movement we feel invigorated, alive, centered and empowered.
  • The spiritual aspects are grounded through the body creating a balanced and functional life.
  • Release all unnecessary baggage and protective layers.
  • Look and Feel Great!!!



Gabriel Quincy Collymore

Ordained Minister, Spiritual Realization Coach, Fitness Expert





3MA Sessions include:

~ Positive Mantras

~ Cardiovascular workout

~ Plyometrics

~ Isometrics

~ Mixed Martial Arts

~ Qi Gong

~ Yoga

~ Breathwork

~ Coaching

Sessions typically run 1 - 1.5 hrs in length.




Group Sessions (minimum 3 people):

Beginning Training Program

$ 20 drop-in per person  

$ 140 pkg of 8 sessions per person       

$ 200 pkg of 12 sessions per person



Private Sessions (1-on-1):

$  120 / session                        

$  108 / session (based on a pkg of 8 sessions)                                   

$  102 / session (based on a pkg of 12 sessions)                                 




Mixed martial arts (MMA) is a beautiful art form from a mixture of martial arts traditions and non-traditions.


Wear comfortable gym clothes / workout apparel.


Sessions will be held outdoors as often as possible, utilizing the natural elements. 


When: When we schedule  

Where: Everywhere :)



Contact: Gabriel Quincy Collymore


phone: 868-497-2383


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